Put Up or Shut Up!

There are times when you keep quiet, others when you rant and rave.   There are times when you say if only, others when you take action.  There are times when wearing badges and signing petitions are not enough, when you need to take action – stand up for what you believe in.  There are times when you either see the raise or you fold.   You put up or shut up.

For almost thirty years I’ve shown an interest in politics.   I’ve gone on the marches, sung the songs, made the placards, shouted the slogans and done what I could.   I’ve spent hours discussing the rights and wrongs of policies and decisions with friends and family.   I’ve preached to the converted and coped with the disparaging looks as I talked about making a better country for all.   The political pipe dreams of a left-leaning libertarian who wants a brighter, more positive future.

I’ve spent the last twelve years following MSPs in their work, both for my own interest and also for my job.  I’ve watched as legislation was made, laws passed, decisions made.   All the while I wondered when we would have the new future we were promised.   The less adversarial politics, reflected in the chamber’s semi-circle of seats for politicians.   The more consensual approach to policy and law making, governing in the Scottish national interest not that of business or the political parties.  I’m still waiting.

That’s why I’ve taken the decision to stand for Holyrood myself.   I’m one of the candidates for the Lothian region, contesting the seven available list positions.   I will add a different, interesting and useful voice to the political conversation.  I could promise you the moon, claim you’ll get everything you want to see and say you won’t have to pay for it.  I could, but I won’t.   If we are to have grown-up politics, then we have to start talking honestly.  Here’s what I will do:


Realistically, as an independent, I would not have control over budgets, policy or government decisions.   However, in an election that is likely to return a hung parliament, a single vote matters more at Holyrood.   The minority government will look to all corners for support at crucial times.  If I agree with their Budget, say, I will vote for it but only in return for something that benefits the Lothians.

If the people of the Lothians elected me then, in return, I will:

  • defend and support Scotland’s public sector;
  • ensure the promotion of Lothians’ needs;
  • listen to what you, the voter, have to say;
  • promote your Parliament and make it transparent to you; and
  • donate a three figure sum from my monthly MSP wages to a local charity.

In my manifesto I will set out what I hope the Parliament will achieve over the next five years.  I’m not backed by any individual or interested party but stand for what I think is right – respect for one another, consideration of other people and wanting the best for all. Hopefully that reflects what you think your MSP should stand for – independent thinking and the needs of the many, not the few.  Campaign Button

So when it comes to casting your regional vote, vote for LOTHIANS’ KEN.

The future begins today!


About LothiansKen

I'm a middle classed kiddie, but I know where I stand.
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