New Independent Lothian Candidate Launches Manifesto

Campaign ButtonLothians’ newest independent candidate has launched Time for A Different Voice – A Manifesto for the Lothians. Ken O’Neill is standing on the Lothian regional list in May’s elections.  His manifesto, available online, presents voters with an insight into his beliefs and his principals.

Ken O’Neill said:

I’ve set out what I hope the Scottish Parliament will achieve over the next five years.  My manifesto explains what I believe in and how to make Scotland a better, more positive country.   I’ve included several initiatives that would allow the Lothians to show leadership and set a standard of best practice for the rest of the country.

This election is likely to return a hung parliament where a single vote matters more at Holyrood.   The minority government will look to all corners for support at crucial votes.   They will have my support, but only if what they propose is in the Lothians’ best interests.

If elected, I would:

  • defend and support Scotland’s public sector;
  • ensure the promotion of Lothians’ needs;
  • listen to what the voters have to say on issues;
  • promote the Parliament and make it transparent; and
  • donate a three figure sum from my monthly MSP salary to a local charity.

If you want to find out more about Ken O’Neill and why he’s standing for Parliament, read the Who I Am section on the site.  Alternatively, read his blog posting – Put Up or Shut Up.

You can also contact Ken and learn how to follow his campaign on the Contact Me section.

About LothiansKen

I'm a middle classed kiddie, but I know where I stand.
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