Review: I Hate Children Children’s Show

Fast!  Fun!  Irreverent! Funny!  This is the award-winning Fringe show that makes your children the star of an outstanding afternoon of fun, magic, music and frivolous frivolity.  Treat yourself to the only kids show that not only allows adult beverages but also encourages adults to drink away the pain of parenting.  Get your tickets now and see why the I Hate Children Children’s Show is cheaper than a babysitter and safer than a priest.

Any children’s show that starts off with a bull whip used to grab the attention of children and a glass of fizzy wine for the adults is off to a good start in my books.  The I Hate Children Children’s Show not only tried winning my favours with cheap alcohol but with old fashioned magic tricks and jokes that worked on two levels, those for children and those for the grown-ups.  I even managed to get some of the latter.

While I was expecting to see a fat US magician, he was instead replaced by a skinny English fellie in the shape of Paul Dabek, who was just as funny as Paul Nathan.  In the spirit of all good children’s show, this one started off with a song, with Ken Newman accompanying Dabek on guitar.  The song, Daddy’s Sitting on the Naughty Step, had funny lyrics and a great tune, which put me in mind of Hank Wangford.  I thought given we were at the Fringe that was quite appropriate, especially for those of us with a longer memory.

Throughout the show Dabek coaxed and cajoled the bairns in the audience up on stage to participate in the show.  During one section when he had a large group up, he used it as an opportunity to poke a little fun at their parents, grading them by socio-economic worth.  This was based on their clothes – who does put a wean in a Ralph Lauren shirt anyhows? – their names and their favourite colour.  Any six-year-old who picks magenta has it coming if you ask me.

What was inexcusable however was how he picked on a poor, defenceless dad in the audience and made him sit on the naughty step with his back to the audience.  Aye, you guessed it, somehow I got picked on to for the audience participation bit and the butt of several jokes.  Given they were funny and my daughter took great delight in the whole thing, I might forgive Dabek.  Might, I say!

Dabek had the children giggling and the adults snorting and chuckling, even if I seemed to be the only one who got one of the Queen jokes.  I defy anybody to see this show next year and not enjoy it, especially if Dabek remains the cheap out-sourced magician.  Hey, it’s a kind of magic.

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