Review – Card Ninja

Warning: this show contains ninjas, not magic.  Back by popular demand, Card Ninja is an award-winning, riotous display of comedy and card stunts using playing cards as ninja weapons.  Following his journey from mild mannered card player to silent assassin, Card Ninja is a one-man variety comedy show with upbeat humour for anyone who’s ever been a little bit ninja.  Card Ninja has been seen at the London Wonderground Festival, Southbank Festival, London’s Bloomsbury Theatre and as part of Pepsi Max’s Unbelievable series – racking up over a million views online.  Expect deadly and risky fun.

I’ve seen some card tricks performed in my time but I have never seen anybody deal with a deck as quickly or smoothly as Javier Jarquin.  Trust me, this is no 52 pick-up merchant, he will astound you with his witty banter, life lessons, high roundhouse kicks and, most of all, his digits’ dexterity.  He can shuffle through his tricks as quick as any dealer while proving you can apply the ninja rules and training to anything in your life.

This is a children’s show but in the Fringe Programme it’s listed as suitable for people ten and older AND twelve plus.  I’d say he’s more of a PG performer; there are very quick one-liners that are for a more mature audience but, much like his cards, they’ll fly speedily over younger audience members’ heads.  This is a show for the whole family and you will all have lots of fun.  However, I must warn you that it does involve the dreaded audience participation, with adults in particular the target.  As we all know, this will cause embarrassment in any child but sometimes it’s the price you sometime pay for a great show.  Don’t think that sitting at the back will get you out of it either, as Javier Jarquin’s hand stretches far.

The show is a rollicking, hilarious experience with lively music and makes good use of the performance space.  Jarquin works up a sweat under the house lights but only to ensure he delivers a top-notch royal flush of fun (That’s enough card puns – Ed).  Remember though, this is NOT a magic show but it is magic and shows what a man with too much time on his hands can achieve with a deck of cards.  In the words of those Edinburgh Comedy Gods, the Frank Chickens – Javier Jarquin, anto mo ninja; you are ninja.


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