Previews – Returning Shows from 2017

I generally don’t preview shows, simply because I want to see them first hand myself, not praise them based on what other people have said or what is written in a press release.  One of the beauty of the Fringe though is that shows come back, either to get a wider audience, because the performers enjoyed it so much they want to do it again or to wring more cash out of old material.  The latter doesn’t apply to the following three shows, which I think are well worth seeing.  I’d happily sit through them again but there’s not enough time and I want to spend my hard-earned on something new.  You can see them for the first time though and enjoy them for me.

A Joke

A comedy by Dan Freeman starring Sylvester McCoy, John Bett and Robert Picardo.  What happens when you put an Irishman, an Englishman and a Scotsman together?  Hilarity is what, with razor sharp, rapid-fire one-liners, exquisite word play and a Beckettian exploration of identity, language, preconceptions and what constitutes happiness.  All three end up feeling the butt of several jokes, proving you don’t need to take yourself seriously.  The play includes a great Doctor joke, which is almost worth the cost of the ticket alone.  When I saw this Richard Oliver was in the Englishman role but I would imagine that Bett is as good. 

Card Ninja

Javier Jarquin proves he is no 52 pick-up merchant, astounding his audience with his witty banter, life lessons, high roundhouse kicks and, most of all, his digits’ dexterity.  This is NOT a magic show but it is magic and shows what a man with too much time on his hands can achieve with a deck of cards

Show Up

Peter Michael Marino examines what the solo confessional show is about with a performance that’s sharp, witty and engaging. Instead of dealing with his hang-ups, the audience is presented with an amalgamation of their own experiences.  Despite the appearance of being an improvised show, this is the product of a keen and witty mind who can meld different ideas together and run with the result. 

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