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Two Years Later…

Here we are then, two years later, living in a post-IndyRef, -EVEL and -EU Referendum world. Of course, we are not yet in a post-Brexit one yet as the UK Government has still to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty or give a clear idea of when they will. I know that the unelected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, to give Theresa May her full and Sunday-best title, has said she will trigger it early next year. Or at least according to Donald Tusk, the European Council President, she has. I don’t know about you but knowing the UK Government won’t tell us what their plans are to leave the EU until at least seven months after the referendum that they organised does not fill me with confidence or trust in their ability to produce a decent deal. Remember, these are the people who said the Yes campaign and the Scottish Government’s White Paper didn’t have enough firm details in it for how Scotland would look under independence. 

I Caught the Litter Bug

You may have noticed of late that myself and other people have bemoaning the state of Edinburgh’s bins and rubbish collection. In fact, I admit I have gone a little Kevin Turvey Investigative Reporter* on the subject. Over the last two months, the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) has spectacularly failed to deal with collecting and emptying bins, deal with litter in general and fly-tipping incidents. Streets have become liberally scattered with household waste. The seagulls, at least in my neighbourhood, having had a field day ripping open bags of rubbish and helping to spread their contents while looking for food. The problem has got so bad that even the Evening News is reporting it on a daily basis, although a poll of their readers reckons the problem is no worse than it was during the Festivals. I disagree, I think it’s actually got worse since the International Festival came to an end with the fireworks last Monday.

A Simple Question

Before you go to sleep tonight and prepare to cast your vote in the UK’s European Union membership referendum, ask yourself this simple question. Who is responsible for over-stretched public services, a scarcity of public housing and the glut of low-wage, short-term contract jobs? Is it the European Union, who have no control over these things, or the people the UK keep electing to Westminster? Have we reached the point where a prosperous nation – the fifth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP, allegedly – cannot cope with a 0.5% yearly rise in population* due to migration? If so, that is due to chronic under-investment and privatisation-by-stealth, which isn’t always so subtle, of the public services and social care that we rely on. 

Why I’d Use a Clothes Peg to Vote for the SNP

If I was to vote for the SNP in my constituency ballot on Thursday, I’d have to wear a clothes peg. I would give them my vote but only because they are the least bad option out of the four parties running in every constituency throughout Scotland. “Not as bad as the rest,” isn’t really much of an endorsement. Labour are still finding their feet under both Jeremy Corbyn and Kezia Dugdale, although for how long they’ll stay as leaders is open to much discussion. The Lib Dems are still tainted from going into coalition with the Tories at Westminster and for some policies that I have problems with seeing as liberal. Plus there’s their opposition at every turn to Scotland having an independence referendum; very democratic. As for the Tories, well, let’s just say we’ll never be bedfellows, comfortable or otherwise.