A Manifesto for the Lothians

My manifesto sets out what I hope the Scottish Parliament will achieve over the next five years.   I also explain what I believe in and how to make Scotland a better, more positive country.   The manifesto proposes several initiatives that would allow the Lothians to show leadership and set a standard of best practice for the rest of the country.

My MANIFESTO – TIME FOR A DIFFERENT VOICE features the following subjects.

  • Community
  • Constitutional Change
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Engagement
  • Environment
  • Europe
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Justice
  • Public Sector
  • Public Transport
  • Social Justice
  • Tourism

You will need a PDF reader to read the manifesto. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader HERE.

1 Response to Manifesto

  1. Thank you Ken for attending our 3rd National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts demonstration against ATOS and the gravely unjust “Work Capability Assessment” régime.


    Black Triangle
    Anti-Defamation Campaign
    In Defence of Disability Rights

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