Wednesday 04 May

The Caledonian Mercury published my last *sniff* campaign diary. Remember, you can see the whole diary, plus exclusive material, here.

The Guardian featured me in their round-up of the final day of campaigning.

Tuesday 03 May

The Evening News publish their first coverage of my campaign, just in time for polling day. I’d say I’m positive more than hopeful though.

The Broughton Spurtle features my proposal of the Lothian Lolly on the front page of May’s issue.

The Edinburgh Reporter features the positive response to my proposal for the Lothian Lolly.

The Scottish Independence Convention publish my post on what independence means to me and could mean for Scotland.

Thursday 28 April

The Edinburgh Reporter include my opinion in their report of the Inverleith Park demonstration outside the City Chmabers.

They also feature my public meeting at the Forest.

The Caledonian Mercury features the second week of my campaign diary.

Wednesday 27 April

The Broughton Spurtle mentions my attendance in their coverage of the Poverty Alliance hustings.

The Independent Network and Martin Bell OBE issue a press release endorsing my election campaign and those of three other independents.

Friday 22 April

The Guardian features my proposal to create the Lothian Lolly, a local currency for use throughout the region.

Meanwhile, the Edinburgh Evening News publishes my letter on how we need to make the Lothian economy more resilient.

Wednesday 20 April

The Guardian quotes me in an article on calls by Craigmillar campaigners for talks on Cairntows Park’s future.

The Caledonian Mercury features the second week of my campaign diary.

Monday 18 April

The Guardian quotes me in an article on the planning application to develop Cairntows Park.

The Guardian highlights my attendance at the protest against benefits cuts last week, linking to my manifesto.

Tuesday 12 April

Caledonian Mercury is featuring my campaign diary.  This is the first entry – Independent Campaign Diary: Sunny Drummers and the Lothian Lolly.  You can read a fuller version of my diary here.

Monday 11 April

The Guardian mentions that I was spotted campaigning at Ecofusion.  They also highlight my hustings début post.

Thursday 07 April

The Broughton Spurtle is the first media outlet to feature my campaign.  They describe me as entering the fray with principles blazing yet realistic.  Praise indeed.

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