Welcome to my website

Who am I?

I am a middle-aged father of two who’s lived in Scotland for almost twenty years.  I first became involved in politics during my teens and have carried on since.

I believe in individual liberty, especially freedom of expression and action, while taking responsibility for your actions.  How you act affects other people, society and the environment.  Scotland needs to take responsibility for its actions and do its best to protect all, not just the wealthy and privileged few.  We need to create a country that is proud of what it has achieved and can defend its actions – whether that be planning consent for a golf course or the way we look after our own.

I stopped writing for a while, or rather publishing, but am now getting into the habit again.  If what I think or have to say resonates with you, grand; if not, that’s fine too.  I’m writing for my own pleasure and to save having to hoist them on my friends and family, which means you get to enjoy them instead.


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